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Flat jacks single-acting are hydraulic jacks with a compact and flat design, making them ideal for applications with limited insertion space. They have a spring return mechanism that retracts the piston after the pressure is released. They are utilized for different purposes, such as pushing, raising, separating, lowering, aligning, and clamping heavy objects.

Flat jacks single acting come in different capacities ranging from 5 tons to 200 tons and strokes ranging from 8 mm to 16 mm. They have a maximum working pressure of 700 bar and can be operated with a hand pump or an electric pump. Some models also have mounting holes for easy fixturing and stacking plates for increasing the closed height.

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Hydraulic Hand Pumps Steel

Capacity 5 - 200 ton / Stroke 8 - 16 mm / Max. Working pressure 700 bar

Model Effective area
Oil cap.
Closed height
Wt. (Approx.)
5 56 8 OSF 5-8 8 6 35 0.6
10 111 12 OSF 10-12 15.9 19 45 1.3
20 218 12 OSF 20-12 31.2 37 55 2.6
30 309 12 OSF 30-12 44.2 53 60 3.8
50 550 16 OSF 50-16 78.5 126 65 6.2
75 792 16 OSF 75-16 113.1 180 80 11.8
100 1077 16 OSF 100-16 153.9 247 85 15.1
150 1589 16 OSF 150-16 227 363 100 27
200 1985 16 OSF 200-16 283.5 454 115 40.7

Advantages of Flat Jacks Single Acting

Flat Jacks Single Acting are hydraulic cylinders utilized for lifting, pushing, clamping, and supporting applications. Their low-profile design allows them to fit in tight spaces where conventional cylinders cannot. Some of the features of Flat Jacks Single Acting are:

  • They have a single-acting piston that extends when hydraulic pressure is applied and retracts when the pressure is released.
  • They have a spring return mechanism that automatically returns the piston to its original position when the pressure is released.
  • They have a safety lock nut that prevents the piston from retracting accidentally and provides the mechanical load-holding capability.
  • They have a hard chrome-plated piston rod that resists corrosion and wear.
  • They have a high-strength alloy steel body that can withstand high loads and pressures.
  • They have a wiper seal that protects the cylinder from dirt and contamination.
  • They have a mounting hole on the base and the piston rod for easy installation and alignment.
  • Applications of Flat Jacks Single Acting

    Flat jacks single-acting are widely used in construction, engineering, mining, shipbuilding, railway, and automotive industries. They can be used for tasks such as:

  • Lifting of viaduct structures, bridges, and crane repairs
  • Site maintenance and demolition
  • Aligning and lowering heavy machinery
  • Lifting of motors and generators
  • Clamping of molds and dies
  • How to Use Flat Jacks Single Acting?

    To use flat jacks single-acting safely and effectively, you should follow these steps:

    1. Select the appropriate flat jack model based on your load capacity, stroke length, and available space requirements.

    2. Connect the flat jack to a suitable hydraulic pump with a high-pressure hose.

    3. Place the flat jack under or between the load to be lifted or moved. Ensure there is no gap between the jack and the load surface to utilize the whole stroke.

    4. Apply pressure gradually by operating the pump until the desired position or movement is achieved. Do not exceed the rated capacity or stroke of the jack.

    5. Release the pressure by slowly turning the release valve on the pump until the spring returns the piston to its original position.

    6. Disconnect the hose from the jack and store it properly.

    Flat jacks single acting are versatile tools that help you perform various tasks quickly and efficiently. However, they also require proper care and maintenance to ensure longevity and performance. You should always:

  • Keep them clean from dirt, dust, and oil
  • Lubricate them regularly with hydraulic oil
  • nspect them for any damage or wear before each use
  • Replace any worn or damaged parts immediately
  • Follow all safety precautions when using them
  • Why Choose Orione Hydropower?

    Flat Jacks Single Acting are hydraulic jacks with a compact and flat design, making them suitable for areas where clearance is minimum for jack insertion. They are spring returns, which means they retract automatically when the pressure is released.

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