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Hydraulic hand pumps are essential to the run seamless and efficient operation of our global economy because it helps in the management of construction and wastewater generated by energy production and healthcare industries.

Hydraulic hand pumps are used for a variety of tasks. A single-hand pump cannot meet the requirements of all applications if you want top quality Hydraulic Hand Operated Pumps. We are the best Hydraulic Hand Pumps Manufacturers and Suppliers in Gujarat. We Offer Hydraulic Hand Pumps to our clients at a low price.

This article will explain the basic functionality of hydraulic hand pumps and describe their most important features.

Product Description

A Hydraulic Hand Pump is a tool consisting of a cylinder and a piston and is used in various construction and heavy industrial applications. These hand-operated machines transform mechanical energy into hydraulic energy by applying pressure to allow for the smooth flow of liquids.

Orione Hydropower, a market-leading Hydraulic Hand Pump Manufacturer in Gujarat,India, is at the forefront of producing the finest Hydraulic jack, Hydraulic Hand Pumps, and other products. For long-term usage, the products are made of high-quality Steel. Our hydraulic hand pumps are divided into two types: single-acting pumps and dual-acting pumps.

Two Stage Hydraulic Hand Pump

What is a Hydraulic Hand Pump?

Hand-operated hydraulic pumps use manual effort to transfer hydraulic fluid under pressure by converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. They work on the simple principle of a handle providing leverage to an internal piston. Then the piston pushes hydraulic fluid into the cylinder port. Mostly hydraulic fluid and water is used to operate it. There are also various types of hydraulic liquids. Hydraulic energy is used to adjust, test, and calibrate many measuring instruments. Unlike pneumatic hand pumps, which create pressure using an incompressible fluid medium instead of air, this one uses air, a very compressible gas, to create tension.

Note: We are the Hydraulic Hand Pumps Manufacturers and Suppliers in Gujarat. We Offer Hydraulic Hand Pumps to our clients at a low price.

Features of a Hydraulic Hand Pump

It provides high-pressure levels with minimal effort or simply a few compressions.

Are required when a high level of fine-tuning is needed.

They are designed with small adjustment knobs that allow you to vary the applied pressure effortlessly.

A hydraulic hand pump uses a machine or casts metal to minimize maintenance, limit leakage, and provide pressure stability.


  • Construction-graded Steel.
  • Plungers with a polished finish.
  • It includes a factory-set safety relief valve.
  • Durable polyurethane plunger seal.
  • Pumps have a single plunger for smaller-capacity jacks.
  • Two-stage pumps (two plungers) approach the load quickly.
  • Compatible with all well-known brand jacks.
  • Available in 350, 1000, 1600, and 2800 bars.
  • Applications of a Hydraulic Hand Pump

    A hydraulic hand pump delivers oil at around 700 bar pressure to lift any hydraulic jack and adjust, test, and calibrate measurement instruments or devices. When a user requires a higher level of fine-tuning, it could test and load machine components. These hydraulic pumps help machines lift and lower big things, which demand high control when carrying large items in industries.

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    Types of Hydraulic Hand Pumps

    Hydraulic Hand Pumps are available in two types such as single-acting hydraulic hand pumps and double-acting hydraulic hand pumps. Single-Acting Hand Pumps apply force only on the downstroke, while Double-Acting Hand Pumps use power on both the up and down strokes. They are used in specific aircraft hydraulic systems to provide an energy source in times of emergency or to test particular subsystems during regular maintenance checks and to determine the cause of failures within the hydraulic system. The two types of pumps strive to reduce operational risks; however, double-acting hand pumps are used more frequently to enhance safety and decrease downtime.

    Single-Acting Hand Pumps

    Single-acting hand pumps are easier to make and maintain. But It takes double the time to produce a similar quantity of pressure and motion compared to double-acting hand pumps.

    Single-action pumps are often found on hydraulic Jacks.

    Double-Acting Hand Pumps

    Double Acting Hand Pumps help to increase the speed of work. It is more challenging to maintain and fix if problems occur. That's why some people do not use this hand pump type in their applications.

    Hand pumps with double-action are employed in a broader range of areas.

    Three Important Advantages of Hydraulic Hand Pumps

    Since their humble beginnings, hydraulic hand pumps have come a long way. Today, various styles and pressure ranges are available, and they are all designed to be tough, lightweight, and simple to use. However, a few key characteristics of the hydraulic hand pump are worth mentioning, particularly in comparison to their pneumatic counterparts.

    Efficiency: Hydraulic pressure is one of the most efficient energy transfer techniques. You may reach high-stress levels with minimal effort with just one or two squeezes of the handle. Because air is compressible, using a pneumatic pump to achieve the same pressure levels requires far more effort.

    Precision: Hand-operated hydraulic pumps are great for fine-tuning. They are usually designed with tiny adjustment levers allowing the operator to adjust the applied pressure to—01 psi or.069 kPa.

    Stability: Hydraulic hand pumps are often made of cast or machined metal to prevent leaks, prevent maintenance, and maintain temperature and pressure stability.

    Which Kinds of Hydraulic Hand Pumps Do We Offer?

    Orione Hydropower supplies hand-operated hydraulic pumps to any industry that requires hydraulic jacks, hydraulic power jacks, or any other hydraulic tool. Our products are offered with a Piston plunger assembly to generate sufficient pressure for smooth operation.


    Overall, hydraulic hand pumps are intended to boost operational efficiency. They are available in various pump designs, flow rates, and pressure options adapted to specific applications.

    Do you work in the energy, oil, and natural gas industries and need to regularly do pressure calibration testing on instruments? Orione Hydropower has three Hydraulic Hand Pump models worth considering because of their features.

    Hand pumps can take a beating in the oilfields. However, the QTHP 5000 psi / 35 MPa and XTHP 10,000 psi / 70 MPD's durable design provide the same degree of efficiency, precision, and stability that makes hydraulic hand pumps an ideal choice, both in and out of the field.

    Why Choose Orione Hydropower?

    Orione Hydropower supplies hand-operated hydraulic pumps to any industry. Our goods provide a Piston plunger assembly to create enough pressure for smooth operation.

    Orione Hydropower has built a solid customer base by specializing in application solutions, timely delivery of hydraulic products, and sales service of Hydraulic jacks, Hydraulic Systems, Hydraulic Power Pack, and elements for almost all industries such as Machine Tools, Steel Plants, Cement Industries, Process Industries, Constructions, and OEM.

    The organization's primary goal is to provide high-quality, dependable services to industries. The purpose of the product and creating cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed our customers' anticipations is the focus of our thoughts and activities, not the product itself.

    Orione Hydropower is a leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter, and supplier of Hydraulic Hand Pumps in Navi Mumbai, India. This Hydraulic Hand Pump is available across India. Please quote here if you have this product!

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